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Mr. Heinz Class

Mr. Heinz  class…well what can I say about that?…not that fun for me this time. It was ok last time but this tim but I think Mr. Heinz needs to find some more stuff to do on the computer because really it wasn’t that fun for me this time.  I guess something that I liked was that I got to work on my blog more. I think that I could have been a little more in the groop I guess, not that I want to but… Anyways I think that I did good on my blog and that about it.



Hell Boy

ok I don't get it. there aloud to have a hellboy but not a hell
 girl? there are plenty of girls that make my life hell and Im 
sure that sometimes I can be a girl demon  from hell too. but 
really whats the big deal with big, tall, strong hell boys? I 
rather have a big, tall, strong hell girl to look up to then a 
demon of the other sex. Not that I don't like hell boy and the 
movies and stuff but for us girls I think we need a female demon
 to look up to. you would think by now they would have made one 
but I guess there all boy movie designers.



The Word Stupid

The word stupid is a very useful yet very non creative word. You can use stupid in many sentences such as ” That person is ACTING really stupid”, or “That was my score on the test?! Huh!!! I’m being so stupid today”, but those aren’t that nice of examples. My dad prefers me to use words like ‘ I dislike’, or ‘ am not a fan of ‘ because I have a little sister and he doesn’t want to teach her that. So I don’t usually talk like that around her or anyone at that house because they don’t like to hear it ether. I don’t like to use it because I like to be more creative with my words. But not today. Let’s just get to the point of this post which is that  I AM SO FREAKIN BOARD I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So I decided to write this so that I can be angry today. Good bye.

Oh and by the way STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!! 

Ok now Im done.


Who hates the person that sits next to U?! :#


I like happy faces. They are very fun and I like doing them better than just typing ‘I am happy!’

I Love Anime!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Anime/manga are Japaness comics that read backwards and are really awesome. There are  100’s of different anime seriese and all of them as far as I know are awesome. They are really fun to read and the first one that I would recomend are the ‘Dance in the Vampire Bund’ anime seriese. They are about a vampire prinsess who makes an island in Tokyo, Japan that is stricketly for vampires only and people and vampires a like do not support her choice. Many try to kill her but her trusty body gaurd protects her from any harm that comes her way. Even the prinsesses fathers (who is dead) best friend…….

Review of my time in Mr. Heinz’s Class

One of my favorite parts about Mr. Heinz class is that the way he teaches. He’s not to harsh and he’s not to not caring. He cares about your education but he doesn’t force it on people.

The way he punishes people. Recently a person ( not naming names) and Me got in a fight about were we wanted to sit and insted of adressing the problem, he dismissed it by saying nobody sits  there.

I think that I’m best on my blog. I’ve made a lot more post than other people and I think that it was a very fun thing to do in class. I’m very glad that Mr. Heinz taught us about bloging.

I think that I could do better with keeping up. I’m really slow and I get annoyed when people go to fast.